Mari is a lifesaver

My husband I have been going to Mari for years for our various aches and pains, and we are so thrilled to have found her. We’re both very impressed with her thoroughness and her ability to quickly discover what’s not right, and then to work with us til we’re healed. Mari is smart and skilled and caring…what a gem!

Lisa D

Very Satisfied With Results

Mari is great. I visited her because an old injury of mine was causing me to experience significant discomfort. One session with her and i already feel much better. She is very knowledgeable and was incredibly helpful.

John Michael

Knowledgeable and friendly

I’ve had two appointments at Thrive and I’m already feeling better. Mari quickly identified the source of my trouble and created a comprehensive plan to quickly fix my issues.

Patrick F

Mari is an exceptional PT.

My son, a college athlete, and I have both seen Mari for different ailments. She is excellent at solving the puzzle of what’s going on with your body and then on putting a plan in place to make you feel better. She’s helped with knees, ankles, frozen shoulders and psoas spasms. Mari always gives 120% for a full hour of therapy. If you want a highly attentive, highly impactful and delightful to be around PT, go to Mari!

Susan M

Don’t hesitate any longer: GO

My body is in better shape thanks to Mari @ Thrive. She is knowledgeable, effective, safe, professional, respectful, and also quite fun to talk with during the sessions. Pain started in February and I delayed care for so many reasons: it might go away on its own, it doesn’t hurt *that* much, medical professionals have bigger things to worry about right now, etc. I AM SO GLAD I FINALLY GOT OVER MYSELF AND WENT IN FOR AN APPOINTMENT.
Jenn S

Great Experience

I have had the fortunate opportunity to have Mari work with me twice, once before surgery and then after my recent surgery. Mari is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. She understands what my body needed to recover, heal and get stronger. I have been even more impressed with Mari during these virtual PT sessions and how she has adapted to the changing world. I would highly recommend Mari if you are in need of PT.
Jesse P

Excellent experience

Mari is an excellent physical therapist. She listened, she cared and she worked to figure out my issues. I really enjoyed my experience and felt well taken care of.

Teresa K

Mari is wonderful!

Mari is an excellent physical therapist, very knowledgeable and thorough.

Sorena K

Mari is the best

Although I think she was a drill instructor in a previous life, Mari demonstrates over and over her knowledge, compassion and commitment to getting you your best results. Thanks!

Suzanne B

Back running

I spent many months working through two consecutive issues that left me unable to train. But even so with the body work, physical therapy exercises and continued evaluation I still managed to return to good health and complete a marathon. Mari was recommended to me and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

We LOVE Mari

I discovered Mari through a friend (who is also a PT and loves Mari). She helped me so much, and now she is helping my daughter too–after only a few weeks, my daughter is noticing major improvement (thanks to Mari’s guidance and exercises). Mari is patient, smart, encouraging, and has a great bedside manner. I cannot recommend Mari highly enough.
Sarah C

Excellent Healer!

I’ve been working with Mari for more than a decade. She is such a skillful healer and like a heat seeking missile, zooms in on your problem and gets you quickly on the road to healing. As an active middle-age woman, I rely on her expertise often for overuse injuries from sports activities. She has a warm, laid-back and optimistic disposition, which are indispensable when you’re stressed out about your injury and want to feel better. She’s a valued health provider, up there with my family doctor and dentist!

Mari is a Miracle Worker!
I’ve come to Mari for PT help for over 15 years on and off. She is a miracle worker! She is amazingly talented as a physical therapist for the entire body and has a great bedside manner as well. I’d recommend her to anyone.
Kristina S

THE expert I want on my team.

Mari is the best, and as a PT myself, I have a very high standard for professionalism and expertise. Mari gives 100% of her attention to her clients and is obviously driven to provide high quality care that will lead to the best outcomes. Mari was recommended by a colleague nearly two years ago and I have seen her for three episodes of care for various ailments that were keeping me from fully doing my job. Thanks to her, I am able to get back to work faster and stronger. Thank you, Mari!
M. King

We love Mari!

My husband and I both go to Mari. He recently discovered her (through me!) and I have been to her before. She’s very PT smart, takes her time. I went to her for tennis elbow before this, and she had me doing exercises that completely got rid of it in just a few weeks!
Jeanie M

Following a surgery to repair my damaged shoulder, a personal friend recommended therapist Mari O’Neill. Physical therapy is nothing new to me but I am fully aware of the value of having a good therapist; I took the recommendation to heart and feel very fortunate to have done so. The treatment process lasted for almost 10 months and the experience was incredibly positive and delivered with disciplined kindness.

The most important factors in recuperation from injury or trauma are the care, course of treatment, and trusting relationship you have with your therapist. There are not words grand enough to express my regard and thanks for Mari O’Neill and the care I have received under her watch. Her honest concern, compassion and steadfast commitment to returning me to form has been amazing (as I am nearing 50 I definitely had my doubts).

Mari has the obvious skills and technical knowledge necessary to bring a body back to function but it’s the intangible understanding of the pain, emotion and mental angst associated with physical recovery that makes her something very special. She listens! She honestly comprehends the “whole body” approach to healing and with deft slyness was able to push me in the right direction in order to see results. I would rank Mari as one of the better “coaches” I have had in my athletic career.

Mari has garnered my deepest respect and highest praise.

Injury and recovery are not a welcome part of life but for some of us they are inevitable. I am confident that if I find myself in a similar situation again, and the chances are good, I will count on Mari and Thrive Physical Therapy to get me back to health

Paul J. Avery

Corporate Relations Advisor, MELODIC CARING PROJECT

I met Mari years ago based on a random physician’s referral. Although she was not by a long shot the first physical therapist I had seen, she was the first to earn my confidence and admiration, and she remains the best in my experience. She heals me. Wherever she goes, I follow her. Mari has consistently provided informed, excellent treatment, always with sincere support and good humor. She is highly trained, extremely insightful, an excellent communicator, and she genuinely cares. Each time I have come to Mari with an injury, she has identified the reason, provided relief right away, and sent me home with a plan that worked. In addition to her scheduled work with me, Mari has more than once gone far out of her way to help me when I needed an outside referral. She responded right away, on her own time, and she found the best resource available.  I don’t love needing PT, but when my body breaks down, I’m going to Mari

P.L., University of Washington

Without Mari, I would probably never be able to fasten my bra again. I came to her for physical therapy after having rotator cuff surgery. Not gonna lie: It sucked. At the time, I couldn’t lift my right arm at all. Mari immediately impressed me with her knowledge, kindness, professionalism and, most of all, patience. She made sure my therapy regimen (both with her and the detailed at-home plan she put together) moved me forward at just the right pace, and she encouraged and monitored me every step of the way. I’m happy to say my shoulder and arm are now 100 percent, and I owe that almost entirely to Mari. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Kat G.

Mari is an excellent, perceptive and effective physical therapist whose new business is sure to exceed. If you need quality PT, I recommend Mari at Thrive Physical Therapy Seattle”

T.B., Senior Policy Advisor at US EPA

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