Here is what patients have said about Mari O’Neill, PT, CMPT:

I met Mari years ago based on a random physician’s referral. Although she was not by a long shot the first physical therapist I had seen, she was the first to earn my confidence and admiration, and she remains the best in my experience. She heals me. Wherever she goes, I follow her. Mari has consistently provided informed, excellent treatment, always with sincere support and good humor. She is highly trained, extremely insightful, an excellent communicator, and she genuinely cares. Each time I have come to Mari with an injury, she has identified the reason, provided relief right away, and sent me home with a plan that worked. In addition to her scheduled work with me, Mari has more than once gone far out of her way to help me when I needed an outside referral. She responded right away, on her own time, and she found the best resource available.  I don’t love needing PT, but when my body breaks down, I’m going to Mari”.

~P.L., University of Washington


“Following a surgery to repair my damaged shoulder, a personal friend recommended therapist Mari O’Neill.  Physical therapy is nothing new to me but I am fully aware of the value of having a good therapist; I took the recommendation to heart and feel very fortunate to have done so. The treatment process lasted for almost 10 months and the experience was incredibly positive and delivered with disciplined kindness. 

The most important factors in recuperation from injury or trauma are the care, course of treatment, and trusting relationship you have with your therapist. There are not words grand enough to express my regard and thanks for Mari O’Neill and the care I have received under her watch. Her honest concern, compassion and steadfast commitment to returning me to form has been amazing (as I am nearing 50 I definitely had my doubts). 

Mari has the obvious skills and technical knowledge necessary to bring a body back to function but it’s the intangible understanding of the pain, emotion and mental angst associated with physical recovery that makes her something very special.  She listens! She honestly comprehends the “whole body” approach to healing and with deft slyness was able to push me in the right direction in order to see results.  I would rank Mari as one of the better “coaches” I have had in my athletic career. 

Mari has garnered my deepest respect and highest praise.

Injury and recovery are not a welcome part of life but for some of us they are inevitable. I am confident that if I find myself in a similar situation again, and the chances are good, I will count on Mari and Thrive Physical Therapy to get me back to health”. 

~Paul J. Avery, Corporate Relations Advisor


“Without Mari, I would probably never be able to fasten my bra again. I came to her for physical therapy after having rotator cuff surgery. Not gonna lie: It sucked. At the time, I couldn’t lift my right arm at all. Mari immediately impressed me with her knowledge, kindness, professionalism and, most of all, patience. She made sure my therapy regimen (both with her and the detailed at-home plan she put together) moved me forward at just the right pace, and she encouraged and monitored me every step of the way. I’m happy to say my shoulder and arm are now 100 percent, and I owe that almost entirely to Mari. I can’t recommend her highly enough”.

~Kat G.

“Mari is an excellent, perceptive and effective physical therapist whose new business is sure to exceed. If you need quality PT, I recommend Mari at Thrive Physical Therapy Seattle”.

~T.B., Senior Policy Advisor at US EPA